Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello again all. Its been ages since I wrotwe on my blog and now I have decided that I will post pictures here and text. Here are a couple of rather exciting pictures recently taken of the tigress Tulsi seeing off her now last litter male cub. He is a transient male now with no real territory and when he heard his mother coming and calling he called back to here like a small cub. She did not want him around at all because her new litter of three were there too. This poor boy was really shown his place. A few days later he was seen being intimidated by B2 which though I missed I heard about and it sounded amazing as a sighting. Certainly things are interesting right now. Even we have heard that sightings have been made of the new litter of Durga. She has three very small cubs hidden away in Badhaini. Her older litter daughter is still in Rajbehra. It will be interesting when the watehole Durga is presently using dries up and she has to take her new litter into Rajbehra. B2 is still about but his son P10 is now in Chakradhara and extending his range. For sure Bandhavgarh is in a time of change.

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