Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End 2010

So the year is again over and many changes have occurred in the park since it opened in mid October.

First, the young male tiger known as Kallu has disappeared. No one knows his fate, perhaps he will reappear one day? Second B2 has reaffirmed his presence in the Ghorademon and Banbehi area now the young pretender is no more. Third, Chakradhara's 14 year old tigress Pyari and her three cubs are gone from the Tala Zone for good. No one knows where the four are and no one in authority seems that concerned. Fourth, Rajbehra has been taken over after Durga's death by one of her daughters we now call Jaya(D5). Fifth, the second daughter now called Vijaya (D4) has taken Chakradhara and also pushed Lakshmi to the very edge of her territory in Chorbehra and Dobhiakhol.

This is by far the most serious news as poor Laksmi is now spending alot of time outside in Khitauli Range over the main road and last week even entered Tala Village. She had killed a cow and by 11am the Forest Department were on her tracks. They attempted by elephant to move her away from civilization and in doing so annoyed her so much that she attacked and killed a man while fleeing the nallah area in which she felt safe. The man was bringing wood to the village by his usual hidden route unaware of the drama being played out nearby. Poor Lakshmi and her cubs then spent a night behind old Jungle Camp after which they entered Taj properties before being forced back into the Tala Range on 29th Dec. Resting up at Chorbehra they were "tiger showed" to VIP's yesterday and also to unexpectant C route vehicled tourists before being moved on by Vijaya in the night. Today Vijaya was seen feeding on Lakshmi's smelly cow kill remains. For Lakshmi times are hard. Her limp is very bad now and she has little means to protect her cubs. It will not be long before she is again outside the Tala range and feeding on cows by the roadside or at the back of Tala village. Her problems have yet to be resolved and it will be interesting what action the Forest Department now take to continue her and her cubs survival.

As to the other tigers in Bandhavgarh all seems well. Indrani and her four cubs are regularly seen both in Magdhi and Tala Zones and so too Tulsi and her three very active youngsters in Milchaini. Shaki/Bhoka is seen and so too Shashi/Bamera though not too often. And finally, the Banbehi young tigress we now call Wakeeta (R17)probably the most difficult tigress to see is also doing well. All in all though changes have occurred Bandhavgarh still continues its magic and drama so let us see what follows in 2011?


  1. Hello Mr.Tiwari, Any idea about whereabouts Kallu's brother ?

  2. This is Kay Tiwari not Mr Tiwari. No no-one is sure what has happened to Kallu's brother either though some say there is a young male about in the Magdhi Zone and coming into Rajbehra, but this is thought to be the Jjhorjhora male cub.